I got married!

I got married…to the love of my life! Yes, about 20 years ago I met Paul Dries. He was my first crush. I was 9. He was 13. We were best friends (and completely platonic) through our teen years, then when I was about 21, he finally said the words my heart had been waiting to hear…”I like you, Josephine, you know, like ‘that’.” I said, “It’s about time!” Ha. We saw each other romantically a couple times through my 20’s, but life kept taking us apart. In 2007, we had a heartbreaking, horrible breakup. I never thought I’d see (or hear from) Paul again. Fast forward to Fall of 2011, when I signed up for Match.com..and about 30 days into my membership, I was matched with Paul as my “Match of the Day”. Yes, you heard that right. I had to open and close my laptop four times to make sure this was “THE” Paul Dries that I’d fallen in love with so long ago. It was, indeed. He emailed me the sweetest email the next day…and the rest is history. We just eloped on Valentine’s Day in a romantic ceremony where we wrote our own vows! (and we will be doing a large celebration in the Summer.)

Love always wins,



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