About Josephine

My name is JoJo Dries and I am 34 years old. I married the love of my life, Paul Dries on February 14, 2012. We had our first baby boy, Paul Michael Dries on November 14, 2013 and our second baby boy, Lucas Alexander Dries, on May 19, 2015. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind and strength; through every one of my life’s experiences, He has always been faithful to me. It is only when I am completely leaning on Him that I have a peace about my life that passes all understanding. I grew up with a love for my Lebanese heritage – the food, language, culture, music, etc. I’ve been blessed to grow up learning how to take the best of both of my “worlds” – American and Lebanese – to be who I am today. I’m a proud product of home schooling; through home schooling I was given an education that consisted not only of book learning but of “real life” learning and home schooling gave me some of the greatest memories I have today. I’ve become an expert in and student of media relations and launched my own Press Agency, Insert Catchy Headlines, (http://www.icheadlines.com.) My clients have been featured in the top media outlets for their industry, along with media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Fox News, CNN.com, National Public Radio, and many others. I am also a Certified Protocol Trainer and Consultant; I’ve been trained by the Protocol School of Washington. I am a Notary Public, Certified Signing Agent and assist various Title Companies during the Loan Closing Process. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent. I often speak to a wide range of audiences on a variety of business topics – including media relations, publicity, how to brand yourself through media exposure, and business etiquette and protocol. I also speak on a variety of motivational topics – including “How to Re-Discover and Pursue Your Dreams”. I have extensive experience with business and office administration, having founded and grown some of her own companies. Why am I blogging? My greatest desire at a young age was to be a Heart Surgeon; however, at the tender age of 10, when faced with a hospital delivery room, I fainted…and promptly decided to pursue another vocation. I like to say that I’m a different kind of “heart surgeon” now – I strive to help others walk this path we call life. When I look at others and their life stories, I can’t help but see their layers…see beyond what they want to show the world about themselves. I am not afraid to ask any question and I mean it when I ask you how you’re doing; my heart enjoys listening to people tell me their stories. When asked, I love to dispense any wisdom that I have been given by God through my personal life experiences, and I have found that the world lacks greatly both those who listen from the heart and those who dispense pure unadulterated truth. I wish, through my blog, to share and dispense truth. I will also occasionally blog about my Public Relations business, Insert Catchy Headlines. Some fun facts about me After a long, hard day at work…I use baking as my stress-relief! After receiving my first keyboard as a gift from my uncle, I ventured on to teach myself to play the piano; I pour emotion into my music and I especially enjoy when family and friends gather to join in my passion. I love playing games with my husband – get your mind out of the gutter, people. I’m talking basketball, ping pong, and a variety of other sports and board games. I am loving being a mother, and my heart is overwhelmed with love for our sons; they are such a joy.


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